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Making the most of your

home, life, & mind

Do you find yourself overwhelmed at home? Do you struggle to maintain all that life requires as an adult? If so, I hope we get to work together! 

As an experienced Lifestyle Manager, I am here to do all I can I can to maximize your home, life and mind.

Maximize is designed to learn, observe, solve, and maintain your life in a sustainable and balanced way. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, stuck, or just lost in where to start, let's do it together!

From organization to automation, I specialize creating systems that work smarter, not harder. What can I maximize for you?

Elizabeth MacPhail

Owner, Lifestyle Manager

Boho Style Bedroom

Let's Meet


Welcome! I am so glad you're here.  My name is Elizabeth MacPhail. After a decade in the corporate world, I started this business in 2021 to provide support and solutions to my community and beyond.


I am proud to offer organization, home automation, creative solutions, accountability and motivation to make life easier. As an experienced Lifestyle Manager, I am here to listen and solve the parts of life that bring you stress. 

Do these sound familiar?

 "If I only had the time"




"I would pay someone to do this"


This is what I'm here for! It is my pleasure to help you feel less stressed and spend more time enjoying all that life has to offer, on your terms!

Think of me as an extension of you. If you had a second set of limbs, what would you be able to cross off your list? I am here for YOU. You don't have to do it all.


I know it can be hard to ask for help. I am a no-judgment and inclusive space. You deserve to enjoy the life you spend working for each day! There is no guilt allowed here. 


I’d love to talk about your needs and give you your life back!

Maximize llc is based in the Bloomington/Normal Illinois area. Travel & Virtual projects are welcome and encouraged!

Elizabeth has simply been a gift from the heavens to me!  After what has been a trying year for most, I am so grateful to have found someone who could step in to help me begin, finish, and even dream a little about a more organized, carefree life.  She is a judgment-free “fix it all” kind of person and will remain my “go to” girl for all of my needs.


Elizabeth has helped me gain control of my finances in a way I did not think was possible. I feel confident day to day that I am doing the right things with my money to be able to live my life and be as stress-free as possible. I am on a path to clean out my debt, save money, and still live the life I want to with her help.


Elizabeth is just fantastic! I had her come and take care of my houseplants and check on my home while traveling. I think my plants like her more than me 😂 She even helped out by repotting a few while I was away. I loved knowing my home was being looked after by someone so trustworthy. Your home is your safe space. And you need to feel good when handing over your keys to someone. Elizabeth is that person! She also helps people out in so many different ways beyond what she has done for me. I already have plans to use her services again! Thank you, Elizabeth, for being such a gift to this community!


I lead a fairly busy life and over the course of the years, I let "stuff" accumulate at my house.  Elizabeth came to the rescue!  I needed to reassess and reorganize the limited space I have into an aesthetically pleasing and useful space.  Elizabeth did just that in every room of my house!  She made things make sense.  Elizabeth is careful to take my needs and wants into consideration and acts on those.  I plan to continue working with Elizabeth to keep life at home streamlined and functional.


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